Eadness is a forgotten english word known only to philologists and meaning « the feeling of happiness one gets from luxury ».

Our world today has definitely moved from local to global in every sense. Whether or not we wish to acknowledge these changes,  the fact remains that today, we have more access than ever before to “luxury”products, but this increased global access has decreased the elements of personal pleasure and service that once were the hallmarks of luxury.

Eadness Luxury Group was founded on one principle; create a new environment that actively promotes the enjoyment and pleasure one receives from luxury experiences.The group focus is on providing experiences within the luxury sector that are personalized, and tailored to the lifestyles and desires of very exigent individuals. The global platform includes experiences and interaction with niche luxury watch brands, luxury car, yacht companies, art, gastronomics, travel, and essentially plays on the enjoyment one can get from mixing those elements.

Eadness Luxury Group was founded by Nathalie Veysset and Jon Omer, quickly joined by Andie Jones.


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