Inspiring stories and outstanding craftsmanship

The Grimm’s fairy tale, Sleeping Beauty, has been a favorite of young women since it was first published in 1697. The watch company DeLaneau was founded in 1949 by Rolf and Yolanda Tschudin. It too has been a favorite of women since it’s founding. Just as the fairy tale inspires thoughts of romance, seduction, and beauty, so too this enchanting watch brand has captured the sensual imagination of women globally since its beginning.


In the 1970’s, DeLaneau made a bold move and keyed their focus on the creation of jeweled watches, and in the process, cemented the brand DNA of using colorful stones, exotic designs, and outstanding craftsmanship in a time when the style of watches was not so focused on exclusive jewelry timepieces. They became an artistic, jeweled extension of the watchmaking art, and thus the title “The jeweller of watches” became their mantra. Known for creating exceptional jewelry timepieces for private clients and elite collectors, DeLaneau was a Beauty yet to be awakened to its full potential. In 2001, a new enameling atelier was opened in the heart of Geneva. Locating the shop in the very heart of the artistic tradition of haute horlogerie underlined the brands commitment to the preservation and advancement of the enameling art. In 2002, another awakening occurred as DeLaneau partnered with the legendary manufacturer Christoph Claret to create the first tourbillon exclusively for women. This grand complication series of watches marked the brands commitment to Swiss mechanical movements for ladies watches, where many of the other top brands were focused on using quartz movements. It was yet another awakening to a fact that women appreciated the beauty of not only fine jewels, or beautiful enameling, but also an exquisite mechanical movement to beat as the heart of their timepieces. The brand continued to grow in creativity, producing exquisite enameled dials, found now in collections such as Lotus in 2007, and stunning jeweled timepieces such as the Eclat and Magic created in 2010, which are grandiose examples of their dedication to jewelry watchmaking. Featuring triangle cut diamonds in the awe inspiring Eclat demonstrated their extraordinary achievements in the field of gem art, while the Magic was a wonder of architectural design featuring swiveling half-domes with invisible set baguette-cut gems. With their exceptional collection of mechanical movements, elegant complications, creative high jewelry pieces combined with the disciplines of micropainting, engraving and enameling, DeLaneau is true couture timepieces for the woman who desires and appreciates the very best. Their creations, all unique pieces, inspired by nature, are an objects of beauty and self expression. Ignited by a visionary impulse they take to time to evolve, to tell their own inspiring stories. DeLaneau Timepieces are worn by women who follow their own lead, and truly appreciate the best object d’art in the watch world today.



Beauties of the world…awake!

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