Through the eyes of the photographer

I have always been fascinated by photography, and this is definitely an art I would dream to master. Being able to frame a little bit of reality, a detail, visualize it, then turn it into a master piece, playing with the light to express beauty and emotions.

When I needed a fresh set of pictures for the Eadness Book, I naturally asked my friend Salva Magaz if he would agree to shoot it. And here we are, in the beautiful, newly renovated, Hotel Palafitte in Neuchatel. The hotel is built literally over the lake and offers stunning views. When the weather is covered, hiding the opposite shore of the lake, one could dream of being at the helm of a boat, in some remote and wild country, ready to cross the ocean.

This is where the glamour ends…

Modeling requires patience, patience and patience. Especially for a newbie. Especially when you don’t feel quite comfortable with the camera. I have quickly lost count of the number of shots taken.

Shooting Contact sheet by Salva Magaz

You will recognize the talent of the artist in his art pieces. Undeniably Salva is very talented. What I really love with Salva’s work is his care for the details, the games with the colors and the light he instills into the pictures to make the character stand out.

His pictures are full of emotions. Authentic. Beautiful.

Discover Salva’s work:



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